Raw Wind testimonial with RobScan0016 - Copy“I like to call my experience with Wren Realty an “answer to a prayer”. A recent health set-back required me to sell my home and move to Minnesota. After contacting another realtor, I became overwhelmed with the prospect of preparing my home to “put on the market”. “Surprise” showings at any time were not something I looked forward to. It was also daunting to consider realtor’s commissions, closing costs, etc. One evening I saw an advertisement from Wren Realty on TV and like the idea of selling quickly “as is”. My contact with Rob was extremely positive. Dealing with Rob and Laurie brings to mind the words, gracious, courteous, helpful and fair. A contract was signed within days, not weeks or months. I have recommended Wren Realty to family and friends and will continue to do so! Thank you Wrens”
-Marilyn Strippgen

testimonial-Yanni at Pebble Brook“After a close friend in St Louis passed away, I took over the responsibility of handling her estate as her successor trustee.  I currently live outside of the country and the house I had to sell was built in the 60s and needed a lot of repair work in order to be ready for the retail market. So the ‘as-is’ sale option was very attractive to me considering the various factors that would go with the regular retail option (e.g., extra time, huge repair and cleanup cost, inspection worry, realtor fee, additional maintenance cost, and other associated uncertainties). I had a very positive experience working with Rob and Laurie. They are professional, responsive, fair, and trust-worthy. The whole process was very simple (basically, you show the house, negotiate and sign the special sale contract by fax, sign and notarize the closing documents from the title company, and voila the fund gets wired to your specified account). I would highly recommend them to anyone who might be considering a stress-free ‘as-is’ sale.”
-Yanni Xiao (PhD), Product Manager from a US company based in China (South County property)

Herbst1When our family inherited our father’s house, it brought back fond childhood memories, mainly because the home was still in the original 1960’s condition, without any updates.  We enjoyed going through the house and splitting up the possessions, and then considered selling it to a real estate investor.  As our family discussed it, the general consensus was that a real estate investor would only pay pennies on the dollar and we would lose any value there was in the home.  We decided to update it ourselves and sell the home for maximum value.  As we began to work on it, we realized that our father had not made any repairs to the home for the last several years.
As we began to make repairs, we discovered more updates and several more repairs were needed until, finally, we began to feel overwhelmed.  My sister contacted Wren Realty, from an ad, and when Rob Wren came to inspect the home and gave me a bid, I was shocked by the quote.  It was not ‘pennies on the dollar.’  I wanted to immediately accept the bid, but had to discuss it with the family.  It was decided that selling it to a real estate investor was definitely the way to go, but wanted me to get two more bids. When Wren Realty came in head and shoulders above the other bids, we, of course, sold the home to Wren Realty.  After they remodeled the home, Rob Wren let the family go back in and tour the home.  They had done a beautiful job.  We are so happy to have gone with Wren Realty.
-David Wilper

“We recently sold our home of over 50 years at 631 Rochester to Rob & Laurie Wren of Lanpar Corporation. We had several different people look at our home, and decided to sell it to them because of their integrity and the plans Rob had to fix it up to sell. It is important to us that after the work has been done, a nice family will purchase it and enjoy it for many years as we have.

We have wonderful memories of the family gatherings we had in the huge back yard and nice family room.”
-Don and Susan Hasting

deerwood testimonial“Upon the passing of my Mother, selling our family home of 60 years was a very emotional experience for me.  I chose to work with Rob and Laurie Wren not only because they were professional and experienced “as is” realtors in St. Louis, but throughout the sales process they were very accommodating to my needs.  At all times they communicated with understanding and care.  Once the contract was complete they made the closing process easy and seamless.

I am sure Wren Realty will transform our family home into a beautiful “new” home for another family to love for a long time to come.

-Christine Duff Muldoon Phoenix, AZ

testimonial-John at Sajakeed
We lost our mother over a year ago.  Her home needed extensive repair and my brothers and I didn’t have the time to clean, let alone repair her home for sale.  I’m the only brother in St, Louis and called Laurie and Rob Wren to come out and give us a bid on her home.  Rob gave us the best offer of all the vendors who came to see the property. Cleanup was extensive for his crew since we left many items in the home.

Closing on the property fast and easy with the firm Laurie and Rob use. Today, the property looks great for the new owners. I drive past the old home from time to time and I’m amazed at the total transformation of the property.
-John Townsend

showplace testimonial“My experience with selling my parents’ house to Rob with Wren Realty was wonderful! I grew up in this home and when my parents could no longer live there, it was up to me to decide what to do. I should have been prepared, but since I’m not a fortune teller, I wasn’t as ready as I should have been when my parents’ health failed.
Everything Rob told me was true, the closing was so easy and there were no surprises which was important to me. Because this home had been in our family for so long, it was important to me that it be restored to something beautiful and that’s exactly what happened.

The house is really gorgeous! I loved the way they opened up the kitchen/dining room/living room area! And the wood floors really make the room elegant! I could go on and on! I watched the changes in the landscaping and the beautiful fence that was added to the back yard. They did a marvelous job in rehabbing the house. Anyone who saw it as we handed it over to Rob would be amazed at the transformation!
Thank you so much, Rob, for your help! It’s been a pleasure doing business with Wren Realty…and, if anyone I know needs similar services, I will certainly give them your name!

-Jill Dunn

Mackenzie Circle testimonial


“With the decision to sell the condo “as is”, we had three offers.
Wren Realty gave us what we wanted and made the sale fast and professional.

We were even invited back to see the updated remodeled property!”

-Janis Hunnius

Garland“Because my wife’s father lived in a desirable area (Warson Woods), we received many letters and postcards regarding the sale of his home when he passed away. We narrowed our choices down to a few that seemed the most sincere and reputable and Wren Realty was one of those choices. Rob’s offer was slightly more than the others, frankly, we probably would have taken it if had been the same or even slightly less. He was respectful, helpful, patient and one of those guys you just feel you can trust right off the bat.  Everything in the house was original so we knew it was too much work for us to tackle. It was a real relief to be able to just turn over the keys and walk away. We live out of town so weren’t able to go back and see it once it was renovated but they kept us in the loop and sent final pictures which were extremely impressive. My wife is pleased that a new family is now enjoying a beautiful new version of the home she grew up in.  No question, Wren Realty made the process fast and simple and we highly recommend selling them your home.”

-Norman K

Sandy Bellon-Potomac testimonial“When my mother passed, my family was not able to take the time to make the necessary updates to sell my parents’ home of 56 years. The home was always cherished by the whole family, so  I was pleased to find Rob and work with him to make it easy as possible to sell the house. Every meeting and all financial transactions were hassle-free. 

We drive by now to see that it has been renovated and sold to someone who is now caring  for the property. I would recommend Wren Realty to anyone wanting to see  their home or property in good hands.
-Sandy Bellon

Burgen testimonial“I contacted Wren Realty, as well as other home buyers, to sell my mother in law’s home from her estate.

Rob and Laurie made a fair offer and took care of all the details.

Their A+ rating with the BBB gave me confidence I was dealing with a reputable company, which is so important. They are very knowledgable about the industry and were so easy to work with. We closed in less than two weeks. Their friendly service made the process a good experience. I would highly recommend doing business with them.”

-Carol DuBuque- Human Resources/Accounting Manager

*Parkwood #1 before picture*Parkwood #2 front after“Hi. Just a few good words about Wren Realty: If you have lost a loved one in your family and need to sell their home as is, I would certainly recommend Wren Realty to handle the property. Rob and his wife Laurie are kind, fair, efficient, and patient. They try to understand your situation and work with you at your convenience. They also have an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau.

My thanks to them, they sure helped me.”

-Connie, a satisfied customer

Ambois testimonial“As a retired couple with needs to remove a half century of home clutter from our lives, the “Wren Co.” made the procedure painless! eir business “model” is so well organized tat we were at peace while the sale of our home and its’ contents were in progress. Furthermore, their level of integrity as to what is just, included the immediate declaration and return of a lost box of our most valuable jewelry that one of their crew members discovered.  Even though moving is a stressful event it was an absolute pleasure to deal with the “Wren Co”.”
-Mr. P. & Mrs. N, Retired

Nottingham seller“My experience in selling a house to Wren Realty was nothing but positive. I actually sold two houses to the Wrens, the first one almost 10 years ago.  The first experience was so positive, that I went with Wren Realty again when it was necessary to sell my parents house. Rob Wren not only knows buying and selling houses and everything related to the business, he is genuinely sincere, caring, good man; the kind of man that you feel you can really trust. The Wrens made the sale of the house easy, and were very accommodating to time constraints that we had. I was amazed at how the house looked after the remodeling was finished, and the incredible things they had done to turn a nice house into a great house. It made me want to buy the house back! I would highly recommend Wren Realty! Thanks again for all you did for us!”
-Michael DiPlacido, Repeat Customer

Keene Exterior before Keene-Shawnna 110“Rob and his wife were great to do business with. This was the easiest and fastest house selling I ever had. Rob stayed with his word even after he found problems with the house. Thank you Rob.”
-Tom Larson, Retired

Beavertonafter (20)“My dear Aunt and Uncle moved from their family home into Senior Living. They instructed me to sell their house in “as is condition”. I heard of Wren Realty on (Time and Temperature), reported by KMOX. I interviewed several realtors in the marketplace, however, Rob Wren stood out from all the others. It was important that this family home receive the TLC it was in need of, and felt comfortable that Mr. Wren would follow through, and sure enough, he did just that. The completed remodel/renovation is beyond words. Its incredibly beautiful and so tastefully done. The closing process couldn’t have been easier as Wren Realty puts the client first. Mr. Wren’s business ethic and honesty is unsurpassed.”
-Anne Spooner, Business Professional

20151216_Wren_9512 Erie-6“Rob & Laurie have been great to work with! They have been very responsive and quick about everything. Rob walked through the house with us and gave as a price and we were off & running. We knew our house needed a lot of work. It was too much for us to take on ourselves. This was the best option for us & we’re thrilled that we did it! It was a totally smooth & no-stress process!! We highly recommend Wren Realty!”
-Tim & Elaine Gorman

“Our parents raised 12 children in our home so this house was extremely special to all of us kids, the only home we Wright-Mark Barnes (6)ever knew. When Dad and then Mom died we knew we were going to sell the home as we all already had homes of our own. I called in a few “as is” buyers to get quotes and then called Rob who came out that day on my lunch hour and gave me a bid that was higher than all the rest. From there we researched your company on your website as well as the BBB and saw that you had an A+ rating. This sealed it for us, we knew Wren was the way to go. Everything you promised, price, quick closing, paying closing costs, you delivered on. You made what could have been a very difficult experience, extremely easy and we thank you for that! Thank you.”
-Kelly Coffey

20160115_Wren_1458 Glenmeade Dr-3“Although we had been trying as hard as we could, we just couldn’t seem to make ends meet. When our bank notified us that they were foreclosing on our loan, we didn’t know where to turn. We were going to lose our house and ruin our credit and our chances of ever buying our own place again. We lucked out when we found Wren Realty. They bought our house before the bank’s deadline which saved our credit and we even walked away with enough money to find a new place to live and pay off a few of our bills. Call them if you’ve got a problem.”
-Casandra and Mike Ferrara, Retail Sales and Auto Mechanic